what happened in 2016

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Better late than … later – what happened in 2016

There is no better term for it to provide to the latest news about what happened in 2016 than 7 February 2017. Therefore, I decided to gradually informed about what was – contrary to popular saying in Polish, “which was, and it is not is not written in the register. ” Well, just such a record I prepared and is already present – you can safely browse the site www.bartoszmartyna.pl to see this for yourself. Gradually I will post information and all kinds of photos, videos and other materials from the past year. At the beginning I put a list of production dubbing (only those that are not a continuation) in which I had the pleasure to participate in the roles of the larger, smaller, and those pretty episodic. Sowho is willing, let the straining ears of the following titles (titles in the Polish version):

„Owce w sieci”
„Listy od Feliksa”
„My Little Pony”
„Między nami, misiami”
„Tini: Nowe życie Violetty”
„Alicja po drugiej stronie lustra”
„Miraculum: Biedronka i Czarny Kot”
„Krudowie – u zarania dziejów”
„Littlest PetShop”
„Kapitan Ameryka: Wojna bohaterów”
„Soy Luna”
„Angry Birds film”
„Star Wars: Rebelianci”
„Transformers: Rescue Bots”
„Zoey 101”
„W tę i nazad”
„Bystrzaki kontra Paskudy”
„Kornisz i Fistach”
„X-Men: Apocalypse”
„Atomowy Pacyn”
„Lego Star Wars: The Resistance Rises”
„Tomek i przyjaciele: Wielki wyścig”
„Rodzinka od środka”
„Bill i Ptyś”
„Strażak Sam”
„DC Super Hero Girls: Bohater Roku”
„Era Ronków”
„Królewska akademia bajek”
„Buddy Thunderstruck”
„K.C. nastoletnia agentka”
„Steven Universe”
„Doktor Strange”
„Walk the prank”
„Niebezpieczny Henryk”
„Star Butterfly kontra siły zła”
„Horizon Zero Dawn”
„Tomek i przyjaciele”
„Strażak Sam: Alien Alert”
„Bruno i Bucior”
„Nicky, Ricky, Dicky i Dawn”

and 2017 started quite well 🙂

Who has not seenSing“?

Eddie - what happened in 2016









Welcome, then, to cinemas, to know what is happening in the present, 2017.)

/ Text translated by google translator, so sorry about all the people wielding the language for any errors. This is my small contribution to the development of technology ;) /

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