Summary 2016 – “…do not go, live”

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Summary 2016 – “…do not go, live”

An important part of 2016 was participation in social campaigns. These are valuable professional experience, because made by enthusiasts nonprofit, or with a very low budget. They draw attention to important issues. In the case of the campaign of the  National Council for Road Safety “…do not go, live” theme was pedestrian safety on the roads. Have a look at stills from the plan, which has already appeared in the portfolio [here]. Film result in difficult and changing weather conditions during filming – even to watch in the portfolio [here]. Summary 2016 – “…do not go, live

Summary 2016 - "...do not go, live"

fot. Anna Kokocińska



















/ Text translated by google translator, so sorry all persons speaking the language for any errors. This is my small contribution to the development of technology;) /

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